Dance Receipt 
If you want a receipt for payments made, please contact Amy Prine to request one.  
Dance Registration

Dance Registration is August 21st, 2019  5:00-7:30pm (upstairs)

You must attend registration to sign up.  If you are unable to sign up at the appointed time contact us at or on our Facebook page and we will set up a time to register you.

Things that need to be done at Reistration:
1.  Select Payment Option
a. Payment by check, credit card, cash, or ACH setup 
b. ACH is 10th of the month. Performance teams will start  Sept.10th, all non-performance ACH Oct.10th.        
2. Confirmation contact information. 

Dance Class Payment Options

You will receive a 5% discount for paying in full, being a Member of the Wellness Center or taking classes, and for having multiple classes/Students.
Class TypeACH MonthlyTotal PaymentOne Payment(with discount)
45-1hour class $32/month    $256/total    $243.20(one payment discount)
1:15-1:30 Class$47/month   $423/total    $401.85(one payment discount)

 Please fill out the Registration Form prior to coming to registration.