(Also refer to the City of Darlington's ordinance)

***Please note:  On September 1, 2010, Wisconsin's Electronic Disposal Ban went into effect.  Items banned from disposal include:  computers, printers, computer monitors, mice, keyboards and all accessories; televisions, DVD players, VCR's, DVR's, fax machines and cellphones.   Residents should look for notification of upcoming collection events in their area.  Businesses should contact their hauler for recycling options.


The City of Darlington contracts with Faherty, Inc. to provide garbage/recycling services to our residents.  Garbage and recycling collections are paid through the City tax levy.  If your garbage or recyling is not picked up, you must contact Faherty, Inc. directly at (800) 848-4591 or (608) 348-9586.

Garbage and Recycling collection is on Mondays for homes north of the River and Tuesday for homes south of the River.  Please have items out for collection by 7 a.m.  To avoid worker injury, garbage containers should have a maximum size of 35 gallons and weigh no more than 50 pounds.

Items that are not considered solid waste or recyclables for weekly collection are:
  • leaves and grass clippings
  • garden waste and brush
  • wood, cement, construction and remodeling material
  • furniture and major appliances
  • fencing
  • waste tires, waste oil, and lead acid batteries.


For Monday Collection: 
Memorial Day, 2019 collection will be on Tuesday, May 28th.
Labor Day, 2019 collection will be on Tuesday, September 3rd.

For Tuesday Collection:
New Years Day, 2019 collection will be on Wednesday, January 2nd.
Memorial Day, 2019 collection will be on Wednesday, May 29th.
Labor Day, 2019 collection will be on Wednesday, September 4th.

(Recyling Bins are available in the City Office at no charge.)

PLASTICS:   Household container plastics #1 through #7 are recyclable.  Plastic items
  that are not recyclable include:
Formed Styrofoam and Packing Peanuts
Plastic Bags
Oil Bottles
  Due to its light weight, plastic can be bagged for ease of collection and
  litter prevention.  Please remove and discard lids and always remember
  to rinse containers clean.

TIN CANS:    Food cans must be rinsed clean and open end flattened.  Discard lids.
  Aerosol cans can also be recycled; always be sure they are empty and
  the plastic top is removed.  Tin cans that are not recyclable include:
Cardboard sided juice cans
Paint Cans
  Please, no scrap iron.

ALUMINUM:        Cans and foil items must be rinsed, cleaned and flattened.

GLASS:  Green, brown and clear bottles and jars only.  Rinse clean and remove lids.
  Glass items that are not recyclable include:
   Please, NO BROKEN GLASS!!

PAPER:        Newspaper, magazines, office paper and junk mail may be bundled or
  bagged.  Paper items not recyclable include:
Tissue or paper towels
Food or candy wrappers

CARDBOARD:   All cardboard boxes including paperboard (cereal boxes, etc.).  Flatten
  boxes and tie in bundles or package flattened boxes in larger box or paper
  bag.  Cardboard items that are not recyclable include:
Wax and plastic coated cardboard.



The City is asking for everyone's help and cooperation in the following simple rules.  Remember, brush pick-up is a service provided by the City and it makes everyone's job a little easier when it's done right!  The City personnel has the right to refuse pick-up.

  • The regular monthly brush pick-up is the second Tuesday of the month, and they only pick-up once a month; with the exception of Spring and Fall clean-ups.
  • The City's burn site is no longer available for individuals to deliver brush themselves.
  • There are two trucks that perform brush pick-up; a chipper truck that picks up branches/limbs and the other truck picks up bags of leaves, small brush, and lawn & garden trash.  If one truck stops and picks up your bags but not your branches, or vice versa, don't worry....the other truck will be around to get the rest soon.
  • Brush or bagged leaves should be placed out at the curb no later than 7:00 a.m. on the scheduled Tuesday of brush pick-up.  If you put your brush/leaves out after that time, or after the truck has already gone by, there may be the possibility that it may not be picked up until the next month's scheduled pick-up date.
  • The City brush pick-up is only for trimmings, not for whole trees.  If you contract with someone to cut a tree for you, they must haul it away.  The City will not pick it up.
  • When setting branches/limbs out at the curb, remember that the City chips the branches/limbs for compost.  Limbs should be no larger than 6" in diameter, and all side limbs must be cut from the main trunk/limb.  The branches/limbs will not fit through the chipper if they have a large "V" joint attached to them.  Set the branches/limbs at the curb with the butt, or larger end, facing toward the street, all laying in the same direction.
  • Larger trunk pieces should be stacked in a separate pile.  Please do not throw logs, etc. on top of the branch pile or brush.
  • Smaller brush or lawn & garden trash should be bagged, boxed, or placed in a separate bin.  Please do not pile tree limbs and lawn trash together!  We ask that the small brush or lawn & garden trash be in a container or bundled so that they can neatly make it onto the truck.  If small items are just piled at the curb, they will fall through the tines on the pitchfork and leave a mess behind.  Each bag/box/bin of lawn trash should not exceed 35 lbs.
  • Leaves should be bagged and placed at the curb.  Please do not rake leaves into the street.
  • The City does not pick-up grass clippings, dirt, gravel, any building materials, appliances, or old furniture.  Faherty, Inc. should be contacted at (800) 848-4591 for the pick-up of appliances or furniture.
  • Christmas trees and wreaths may be disposed of during the regularly scheduled pick-up day.