Election Inspector Interest
To be an Election Inspector (also known as a poll worker), a person must:
  • Be a qualified elector in Lafayette County (i.e. an adult U.S. citizen who has resided in Lafayette County for 10 consecutive days and is not otherwise disqualified from voting)
  • Be able to fluently speak, read and write the English language
  • Have strong clerical, problem-solving, and communication skills
  • Possess good handwriting, vision, hearing, attention to detail, and the ability to follow directions
  • NOT be a candidate for any office on the ballot for the election taking place

Election Inspectors help ensure an open, accurate, and fair election. Some of the duties include issuing ballots, registering voters, monitoring the voting equipment, and completing required paperwork. Training is provided by the City Clerk and the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

If you are interested in serving the City of Darlington in this capacity, please contact Amy Johnson, Deputy Clerk-Treasurer, at 776-4971.